No Insurance? No Problem!

Our in-house savings plan is designed for patients not covered by dental insurance providers, so they can receive the quality dental care they deserve at a price they can afford.

  • No waiting periods
  • No annual payment caps or limitations
  • No deductibles
  • No claims forms
  • No preauthorization requirements
  • No preexisting condition limitations
  • Significant savings on ALL dental services for one small annual membership fee
What our plan includes:

Two dental cleanings

Two dental exams

Two fluoride treatments

One set of bitewing X-rays

Up to 20% discount on all other treatments

Our in-house savings plan benefits will cover your dental needs for one year from the date of agreement. Your coverage begins the same day you sign your application and payment is received. Payment for specific treatments is required at the time of service.


Diagnostic and X-Rays

  • Comprehensive Exam for New Patients — 100%
  • One Annual Exam — 100%
  • One Emergency Exam — 100%
  • Four Bitewing X-Rays, Once a Year —100%
  • Complete Series of X-Rays, Once Every Five Years — 100%
  • Two Routine Dental Cleanings — 100%
  • Two Fluoride Treatments — 100%
  • Two Oral Cancer Screenings — 100%
  • Additional Dental Cleanings — 20%
  • Dental Sealants — 20%

All Other Procedures

  • Dental Crowns — 20%
  • Dental Fillings and Core Buildup — 20%
  • Dental Veneers — 20%
  • Dentures and Partials — 20%
  • Dental Implants — 20%
  • Oral Surgery — 20%
  • Periodontal Work — 20%
  • Root Canal Therapy — 20%
  • *Invisalign® (full treatment in less than six months) — $250 off
  • *Invisalign® (full treatment in six months) — $500 off
  • *ClearCorrect (full treatment in less than six months) — $250 off
  • *ClearCorrect (full treatment in six months) —$500 off

*For our clear aligner discounts, you must maintain your dental savings plan membership for the duration of your treatment.

Benefit Restrictions

Our in-house dental benefits are not a dental insurance plan or a discount plan. They cannot be used:

  • In conjunction with another plan.
  • For services provided for personal injury under workman’s comp or a personal lawsuit.
  • For treatment which lies outside the realm of the provider’s capability.
  • For referrals to specialists.
  • For hospitalization of any kind.
  • For treatment costs covered under automobile or medical insurance.


Total Annual Cost


$480 per year


$760 per year

Family (3)**

$1100 per year

Family (4)**

$1300 per year

—Additional members cost $240 each per year


*The dual plan is for two family members living in the same household, whether it is a married couple or a parent and child.

**The family plan includes family members and children who are enrolled full-time in college until the age of 23.