In helping you protect your teeth during athletic activities, a sports mouth guard is designed to prevent injuries such as tooth damage and soft tissue damage. These guards can keep your smile in top condition during high-contact sports such as football, wrestling, hockey and rugby. We may also recommend sports guards for those who participate in soccer or basketball to ensure your teeth are safe in any sort of situation.

Sports guards can protect your upper teeth and help prevent injuries to your lips and mouth. Our dentist may also recommend mouth protectors for patients who currently wear braces while playing sports. Your mouth guard can be customized to fit securely in your mouth, resting comfortably and firmly over your teeth. If you have issues with the fit of your current mouth guard, or if it has worn down over time, we recommend that you visit us today and get fitted for a new mouth guard. Replacements are a common necessity for children who are growing. As their smiles continue to develop, they will require new mouth guards that fit properly and securely over their teeth.

Learn more about receiving a mouth guard today by calling our office. We are happy to assist you in better protecting your smile!