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Why are my teeth yellow?

Many people know that lifestyle habits such as tobacco and coffee can stain their teeth, but did you know that regular everyday foods can cause stains to your teeth as well? Fruits, vegetables, and wine can cause your teeth to darken over time. It is actually a natural part of aging. 

Just because teeth darken with time does not mean that you have to accept that. If you want the natural, bright smile of your youth, Brite Dental provides two effective solutions to give you a whiter smile.

Take-home professional teeth whitening – Custom trays combined with professional strength whitening gel provide exceptional results in the comfort of your own home. You can whiten at your own pace, on your own time, and to the degree you wish. Your smile will always look natural because professional whitening simply bleaches the stains from your teeth.

You can retain your whitening tray to touch up your teeth once or twice per year (or as often a necessary) so that your smile remains bright.

In-office whitening gives you a jump-start on the teeth whitening process. We apply professional gel in our office for twenty minutes at a time and activate it with light energy to speed up the process. We can repeat the procedure several times until your smile is measurably whiter. We will send you home with custom whitening trays to continue the process.

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